Bullet Traps

West Coast Ranges is proud to introduce our newest line of bullet traps and steel target systems.

All of our steel products our made from AR 500, 1/2" steel, cut with a state of the art water jet system to create stronger edges for longer product life. Unlike plasm or torch cutting techniques water cutting allows for clean strong edges without heat affected zones which weaken the integrity of the material properties.

Our partners

  • Flip-Over Bullet Traps

    Our newly designed portable bullet trap is engineered to solve the three most common training problems. Designed to fit the role of most shoot house traps used in live fire exercises, offers both low and high position targets and designed with 10" wheels for easy mobility over rough terrain.

  • IPSC Targets

    Our targets are designed to be assembled and disassembled with no tools needed. Their threes piece design is created with easy transport in mind. We also offer and optional hostage target addition.

  • Self-Resetting Pepper Poppers

    Our self-resetting pepper poppers come in 3 optional sizes (S, M, L) ranging from 14"-32" in size. They are designed to be reversible to maximize life span.