• 1Ballistic Paneling

    Our panels are tested to sucessfully absorb over 2,500 rounds of ammunition, ranging in caliber from 9mm to 7.62, 12 gauge buck shot as well as 12 gauge slugs. The reverse side has our encapsulation pockets for longer product life. Can be used to panel floor, wall or ceiliing applications.

  • 2Interlocking Blocks

    Our interlocking blocks are made with a tounge and groove design making them stackable while maintaining their strength. Our blocks are 24" w x 12" thick and 9" tall and have been tested to accept over 8000 rounds before failure occurs. Tested with 7.63mm, 12 gauge and 223 ca rounds. Made of 100% recycled rubber.

  • 3Shoot Houses

    Shoot House applications range from wall paneling to stackable interlocking blocks designed for taking heavy rifle fire. Plus our paneling and blcoks are designed to be interchangable to reduce replacement costs by allowing you to replace one panel at a time as needed.

Ballistic Rubber Applications

Our versatile ballistic rubbers can be used in a variety of applications. Check out some of our most popular rubber applications...